WAT WAT — the first multi-functional ready-to-drink cocktail concept store in Greater China.The perfect incorporation of Taiwanese flavors, 2019’s hottest bar landmark is the most innovative form of bar lifestyle that is not limited by any rules. WAT, Portable Fun, Anywhere, Anytime. CLIENT | WATTYPE | Brand ConsultingYEAR | 2019SERVICES |  Brand Creation, Media Communication, …

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HoHsin Fish Soup

HoHsin Fish Soup HoHsin specializes in a local breakfast staple from Southern Taiwan — Fish Soup.Foodie Amber carried out the mission to reverse the stereotype of Taiwanese traditional food stands by re-directing Ho Hsin’s brand identity, interior and menu designs. The transformation successfully brought the brand popularity. CLIENT | HoHsin Fish SoupTYPE | Brand ConsultingYEAR …

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CAFE!N “Good taste, fair price”.CAFE!N collaborated with Japanese fashion house,Comme des Garçons Play Illustrator,Filip Pagowski, to create a trendy lifestyle cafe branch. CAFE!N the first B2C brand under the biggest coffee roaster in Taiwan — “Yeuan Yeou Enterprise”. Look forward to more collaborations between CAFE!N and many amazing partnersacross different industries. CLIENT | CAFE!NTYPE | …

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Yuciren Yuciren, named after the hometown of the founder — Yuchi Town, is famous for combining the flavors of Assam tea with egg waffles. The brand started off selling egg waffles on the sidewalk with an old Vespa.Today, Yucrien owns 16 franchises all over the world. CLIENT | YucirenTYPE | Brand ConsultingYEAR | 2019SERVICES |  …

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A-Ma Asia’s first experiential concept store focusing on chilies and spices – A-Ma, has officially opened in Taipei’s most cultural neighborhood of Dadaocheng. The concept store’s name takes after the founder’s grandma, as she represents the warmest and fondest memories from the founder’s childhood. A-Ma’s brand concept, “Spice Up Your Life”is the realization of the …

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Mr. Meat

Mr. Meat Mr. Meat employs European butchery shops as the main concept to highlight its splendidmeat selection. Diners can choose from a range of broths and meat. Additionally,the restaurant transformed the traditional concept of sharing hotpot to individual sized hotpot. Mr. Meat is also included in the LOUIS VUITTON city guide as a must go …

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Oster Foodie Amber’s Oster campaign fully demonstrated the brand’s slogan of the product ——”Your Fitness Helper”. CLIENT | OsterTYPE | Visual DesignYEAR | 2017SERVICES |  Menu Design, Art Direction INSTAGRAM    |    FACEBOOK    |    YOUTUBETIKTOK    |    CONTACT US


INTRO Brunch has long since been the representation of social gathering and a hangover-curing meal. INTRO represents the prelude to the concept of an album and the finest beginning of each day. Through appetizing meals and uninterrupted melodies, merging rough and soft textures to create a space that is rebellious and tender at the same …

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