TRUEDAN Foodie Amber created a series of visuals for TRUEDAN’s instant boba set. Instant Boba Set Campaign Video Trilogy|Vol. 1 80’s Instant Boba Set Campaign Video Trilogy|Vol. 2 Present Instant Boba Set Campaign Video Trilogy|Vol. 3 Future INSTAGRAM    |    FACEBOOK    |    YOUTUBETIKTOK    |    CONTACT US

Oster Ball Mason Jar​

Oster Ball Mason Jar​ The classic blender brand, Oster launched its latest on-the-go blender collectionin collaboration with Ball Mason Jar. Foodie Amber specially designed eight healthy recipes and campaigns,aim to deliver the collection’s chic and fun image. CLIENT | Oster Ball Mason JarTYPE | Visual Design, FilmographyYEAR | 2016 / 2017SERVICES | Menu Design, …

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Glenfiddich Foodie Amber plans annual public relations, including branding activities,product launch events and a bartending competition for the world’s most awardedsingle malt Scotch whisky — Glenfiddich. Glenfiddich Vino Formosa Cask Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky “Spirit of Taiwan”product launch event held at Tairroir, a two Michelin-starred restaurant. CLIENT | GlenfiddichTYPE | PR & Marketing, …

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LINE TAXI|Foodie Amber ‘Fine-Delivery’

LINE TAXI|Foodie Amber ‘Fine-Delivery’ During the pandemic lockdown, Foodie Amber collaborates with one of the biggest transportation network companies in Taiwan — LINE TAXI to create the “享饗送 Fine-Delivery” service. We invite some of the most adored and celebrated restaurants and chefs in Taipei, including several Michelin-star restaurants, to bring the best dining experience to …

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LEXUS x RAW LEXUS’ global campaign “Dining Out with LEXUS” creates experiences representational of the brand’s tagline “Experience Amazing”. With the achievement of these gourmet banquets, LEXUS establishes itself as a luxury car brand as well as a lifestyle icon. With great honor, LEXUS invites Chef Andre Chiang to design a phenomenalcustomized menu in celebration …

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