Old-Taipei Brunch

Zhuji Daqiaotou Sticky Rice’s sticky rice & over-easy egg

“Food has always been the best way to discover the beauty of a city, and Old-Taipei brunches are my favorite!” 

Foodie Amber’s founder Amber constantly experiences all types of Western brunches at work, however as a Taiwanese native, the Taiwanese spirit flows in her blood at all times! Just like other cities, Taipei also has its own philosophy for food, many secret spots are hidden and waiting to be explored. 

Today, we present you with 4 Old-Taipei brunch spot recommendations from Foodie Amber’s founder Amber. Taking you from Taipei Bridge, Wanhua, Zhongxiao Xinsheng, to the East District. Among those places, Taipei Bridge was famous for being an area where workers gathered. As the workers needed food which would provide enough energy for long days of labor work, many local street food vendors gathered there as a result. Those spots are a cultivation of history, time and people, and will definitely bring you on a unique journey to experience Taiwan’s traditional flavors.


Zhuji Daqiaotou Sticky Rice

No. 186-1, Minquan W Rd, Datong District, Taipei City 103
Closed on Tuesday and Sunday. Opening hours:  07:00-14:00 / (02)25576503

“When you visit Dadaocheng, you must go to my favorite spot.”
Sticky rice has long been a comforting traditional food that symbolizes blessing and good luck in Taiwanese food culture, it’s also a classic option for Taiwanese-style brunch. ‘Zhuji Daqiaotou Sticky Rice’ is located under Taipei Bridge. At the restaurant, all you have are a pot of sticky rice, a pot of hot soup, and a wide section of side dishes for you to choose from, simple yet full of great nutrition. Highly recommend getting their sticky rice with sweet chili sauce, an over-easy egg, and a bowl of fish ball soup, warm and satisfying. Additionally, the restaurant environment is tidy and clean, making the dining experience extra comfortable and enjoyable.

Zhuji Daqiaotou Sticky Rice exterior

Sticky rice in the steam pot

Sticky rice, over-easy egg, side dish and fish ball soup


Sister Ping Sour Cabbage Noodle

No. 80, Section 2, Hankou St, Wanhua District, Taipei City 108
No holidays. Opening hours: 07:00-14:00 / (02)23708643

Wanhua has always been a district where the new and old generations connect culturally, it’s also a spot known for its traditional Taiwanese eats. Sister Ping Sour Cabbage Noodle by the river in Ximending is an old restaurant only insiders know about. Before 10am, the restaurant is usually already filled with gourmets looking for a quick breakfast— a bowl of sour cabbage soup noodle with an over-easy egg (you can never go wrong with pairing anything with over-easy eggs!). When you break the egg yolk open with chopsticks, the egg yolk mixes into the soup and adds depth and extra flavors; in combination with the delightfully chewy noodles, there you have it, the most perfect breakfast! Since calories don’t count on the weekends, also don’t miss out on their delectable side dishes and handmade meatballs.

Sister Ping Sour Cabbage Noodle exterior


Sour cabbage soup noodle & Taiwanese braised meat


Emmanuel Fish Soup

No. 3, Section 1, Hangzhou S Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100
Closed on Sunday. Opening hours: 7:00-14:00 / (02) 2351 5378

“Table one, another order of fish!” Emmanuel Fish Soup has turned into a brighter and more comfortable shop after being rebranded after 40 years since opening, what stayed the same is the familiar and energetic voice of the owner calling out orders. Besides the famous Fu Hang Soy Milk in the Shandao Temple neighborhood, a bowl of broth with fresh basil and slightly seasoned tilapia is also a great choice to warm up your stomach on cold days. Don’t forget to also order a mixed noodle & vermicelli to complete the most authentic brunch combo!

Emmanuel Fish Soup exterior

Making the mixed noodle & vermicelli

Stir fried mixed noodle & vermicelli & fish soup


Ms. Qin Soy Milk

No. 7-6, Yanji St, Songshan District,Taipei City 105
No holidays. Opening hours: 7:00-14:00 / (02) 2351 5378

The last recommendation is Ms. Qin Soy Milk. Located at the East District on Yanji St., Miss Qin’s Soy Milk recently underwent a renovation. The scene of the restaurant staff kneading the dough and wrapping the fillings without any pause remains unchanged. Ms. Qin Soy Milk incorporates Jiangzhe cuisine elements into its dishes and breaks our imagination of pork meatballs by putting them into rice balls or clay oven rolls. Cowpea Egg Pancake is another fun item to try if you want something different. Cowpeas are pickled beans that often appear in ‘military dependents’ village’ dishes, usually used to cook with minced meat; adding them in the omelette pancake along with a touch of Ms. Qin’s special chili sauce will definitely make you want to come back again and again.

Ms. Qin Soy Milk clay oven roll with pork meatballs

An array of pastries to choose from

Cowpea egg pancake 

Having lived in Taipei for many years, there are many romantically-Taipei things to do in the city. These recommendations are for those sunny weekend mornings when you wake up feeling like having a heart-warming  brunch to start off a rejuvenating weekend. Follow us to savor Old-Taipei and explore your own Taipei pocket list.