Royal Copenhagen x TaiFong Golf Club AGRI

On the first day of midsummer, join Royal Copenhagen at TaiFong Golf Club’s AGRI Restaurant for the most soothing dining experience. Through foraging  the freshest ingredients of the season and preserving original flavors of them to celebrate the awakening of all things. The perfect showcase of the century-old spirit and royal dining aesthetics.

The collaborative menu incorporates the burgeoning  culture of “smallholding” and the concept of sourcing directly from the origin, with the timeless beauty of Royal Copenhagen’s century-old craftsmanship. This culinary masterpiece pays homage to the cultural traditions and heritage of the Nordic Midsummer Fest, while immersing guests in the delightful Danish imagination of the endless daylight and the boundless energy bestowed by nature.

CLIENT | Royal Copenhagen
TYPE | PR & Marketing, Filmography
YEAR | 2023
SERVICES | Media Communication, Media Event, Restaurant/Chef Collaboration